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Air Riflery
Photo courtesy of Glenn Davidson -Island Images

2009-10 BIIF TOURNAMENT - Air Riflery

Oct. 24 at Konawaena High
Kiley Umeda, Hilo, 515
Caitlin Moniz, Waiakea, 503
Natalie Poy, Kamehameha, 503
Carissa Pajo, Waiakea, 502
Manu Tsue, Waiakea, 500
Coryn Miyashiro, Waiakea, 497
Kuilei Kramer, Kamehameha, 496
Lauren Inaba, Kamehameha, 495
Eilese Delarosa, Hilo, 488
Jade Miyashiro, Hilo, 470
Megan Decoito, Hilo, 457
Mikella Wong, Kamehameha, 449
Julia Baker, Laupahoehoe, 448
Raeoirasorlani Espejo, Laupahoehoe, 419
Samantha Soto, Kona, 413
Juana Meza, Kona, 404
Samantha Roberts, Kealakehe, 394
Sharnette Reyesu, Ka'u, 368
Nicolette Low, Kealakehe, 350
Lini Ofisa, Laupahoehoe, 332
Lauren Rillanos, Laupahoehoe, 332
Mia Gangwes, Ka'u, 307
Rittz Reyes, Ka'u, 285
Maile Hu, Kealakehe, 205

Aaron Sewake, Waiakea, 507
Avery Fujie, Waiakea, 506
Jacob Rodrigues, Kam, 489
Iosefa Trainer, Kam, 488
Zechary Okamoto, Kam 487
Eric Kawahara, Waiakea, 482
Jonathan Torigoe, Waiakea, 476
Andrew Yoshimoto, Waiakea, 475
Roger-Rae Espejo, Laupahoehoe, 460
Kyle Vance, Kona, 445
Kellan Kadooka, Kona, 439
Cody Sugai, Kona, 436
Matthew Silva, Kealakehe, 433
Dennis Kaupu-Gabriel, Kam, 427
Teagan Nakamoto, Kona, 419
Allin Franco, Kealakehe, 412
Bryson Fung, Hilo, 395
Conner Glascock, Laupahoehoe, 390
Keenan Nishioka, Hilo, 386
Denny Duquette-Aiona, Kealakehe, 372
Paul Gagorik, Hilo, 348
Ioelu Ofisa, Laupahoehoe, 334
Isaac Kipi, Kealakehe 326


Fishing Tournaments

2009 S. Tokunaga Fishing Tournament
June 11-14, 2009
Omilu Division
1. 18.7 lbs - Randy Duldulao
2. 17.1 lbs - James Ku
3. 16.9 lbs - Vic LLanes
4. 16.2 lbs - Jeromy Harada
5. 15.4 lbs - Kaimana Llanes
6. 14.8 lbs - Wil Suliban
7. 13.9 lbs - Myles Shimabukuro
8. 13.2 lbs - Rueben Llanes
9. 13.2 lbs - Anthony Beaudet
10. 12.8 lbs - Avery Lincoln

Ulua Division
1. 89.8 lbs - Bruce Blythe
2. 89.7 lbs - Duane Fukumoto
3. 80.7 lbs - Scott Burns
4. 70.5 lbs - Mel Hirayama
5. 68.7 lbs - Gerald Llanes
6. 66.5 lbs - Brent Masunaga
7. 65.9 lbs - Rody Dasala
8. 64.0 lbs - Randall Soga
9. 61.8 lbs - Marc Burns
10. 59.8 lbs - Nolan Agliam


Pig Hunting - Big Island


Big Island Hunting & Fishing- Ka'u

Photo Show Courtesy of Cynthia Higashi
Appearance Credits: Curtis Higashi, Chuck Higashi, Josh Cabreros, Daniel Camba Jr, Chester Fukunaga, and Derrick Hara,
Shane Higashi, Colby Rosario, Jessie Lorenzo, Frank Lorenzo, Larry Carriaga, Mark Tadeo, Tyren Camba, and Justine Camba


Hunting & Fishing

Young Country Sportsman


January 3, 2008: Being a Sophomore in High School is a time to get some experience and participate on the High School junior varsity squad. However for this Ka'u sophomore, growing up is about the love for the outdoors. Coming from an athletic family where his father and mother were all BIIF sports performers he relishes being a sportsman of many talents. His parent's love for the outdoors and fertile hunting and fishing grounds of Ka'u provided Curtis Higashi with opportunities to become an avid outdoorsman. Learning to fish and dive from an early age came from his parents who took Curtis along with them since he was a toddler on many fishing excursions. He took to fishing like a wheel on a bicycle. He would be begging the father to take him whenever the father had free time. The father says' "Curtis is independent, I would bring him to the beach where I work and he would spend all day fishing and catching small game." Now you look at him, he can run my boat now and he is my most reliable fishing partner." "He has the knack to find the fish." "He also catches more fish than me now where ever we go." He likes catching all kinds of fish either by pole, throw net, or diving, those fish include; ulua, palani, mempachi, aweoweo, nenui, ahi, mahi and other bottom fishes. "Curtis' mom Cindy says, "there are some men that have not caught a big ulua or boar like Curtis has already," Curtis is so fortunate to have experienced this early in his life." "But I tell him to be humble." Curtis is a soft spoken teen that rarely expresses his hunting or fishing experiences to others.

On top of his outdoor hobbies Curtis loves football and baseball. He was on the varsity football squad and the varsity baseball team. Both of the Ka'u High teams struggled, against the stronger opponents but he just enjoys the sports and loves competing. Curtis was an an honorable mention in Football this past season and will catch and pitch for the baseball team this coming season. His football head coach is Don Sakata, who is an avid fisherman and was quarterback of the 1972 Ka'u football team that was coached by former UH quarterback Larry Arnold.

     Curtis began to learn at an early age about hunting from his father who brought him along when he was in his early teens. His father Chuck would teach him about the forest and navigating through the land and taking an appreciation for nature. Curtis' mom Cindy Higashi is sometimes worried about the nature of hunting. "Curtis will be off on his own exploring hunting grounds by himself with the help of his four wheel ATV." "Sometimes during the off season or holidays he would go hunting with his friends and come back with some game." "One time he came back with three goats in 3 hours and another time he came back with a some big pigs."

     A local macadamia nut farmer was having problems with wild pigs on his property and mentioned the problem to Chuck. Chuck suggested that he have his son hunt and set some traps on the property, Curtis has caught many pigs already and the owner was happy. Chuck and Curtis also gave the owner some meat that was prepared and smoked. Curtis gives away most of his fish and pig catches to family and friends a tradition that many Hawaii hunters and fisherman practice. Hunting and fishing involves skinning and gutting your catch and learning to prepare it for cooking which is just as important as catching the game.

     A lot of rural adolescent males take a rites of passage in life, when they take down a boar with only dogs and a knife. Curtis took his rite last year when he went hunting with his uncle Rodney Takaki and knifed a boar. Curtis’ mom is always worried for him because a boar’s tusk can injure the hunter and dogs. “My adrenaline takes over when I’m in that situation.” “When you hear the dogs and pig you get excited, but you have to pick your time when to attack.” Curtis says.
     Although the Trojan football and baseball teams are struggling to win, most of the athletes are hunters and divers. In fact most of the rural schools such as Ka’u, Laupahoehoe, Honokaa and Kohala have multiple athletes who are exceptional sportsman. The Big Island is one of the few islands remaining and probably will be the last to survive Hawaii’s encroaching growth. "The hunting and fishing grounds are still good here on the Big Island", lamented Chuck Higashi. Chucks father Akira Higashi who grew up in Pahala passed down the sport of fishing and hunting to him and Chuck like Curtis took his rite to passage of hunting in High School with his class mates.
  Curtis has cousins in Hilo like Chelsey Buyuan and Ryan Fukunaga who are standouts in Volleyball, Baseball and Basketball. “Even though Hilo and my cousin Ryan beat us badly every year (Ka’u High) in baseball, the boy’s on my team would out fish and out hunt their team.” Curtis says proudly with a smile and a laugh. Maybe learning about nature and how to survive off the land and keeping the hunting traditions is more important than what the scoreboard says after a baseball game.


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